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List of tokens


What is gachadass?

Gachadass is a DAPP on Ethereum that allows players to collect ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) that change to different colors.

How to get tokens

You can buy tokens by paying Ether in the shop.

What is Bonus Gacha?

Bonus Gacha gives you random tokens in exchange for coins.

I want to watch the tutorial again.

Click the "Tutorial" button to watch it again.


When will the tokens sold in the shop be replaced?

When a token is purchased, a new token will be randomly generated automatically and made available for purchase. In some cases, the new tokens may be replaced manually.

How do I add more cases?

When there are no more empty cases, cases will be added automatically.

Can I trade tokens with other users?

Yes, since it is ERC721. We recommend you to use opensea.

How can I contact you?

Please use Twitter or